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Don’t Let Your Love for the Outdoors Ruin Your Manicure

beautyprosThe outdoors is always fun and exciting because it offers something new every day. Some people may think that only men are enjoying the benefits and beauty of the outdoors, but this is totally wrong. Many women are also engaged in outdoor activities and enjoy frolicking under the sun. Women who love outdoor sports are both athletic and feminine. They may look like they can take on anyone out there, but they are still very much like ladies when they aren’t outside. As women, they love to put on makeup and have their nails done. It might seem hard to protect your nails when you are outside, but there are several ways to do this. First off, all women need a nail care program for stronger nails. If your nails are already weak, anything can cause it to be ruined.

Become best friends with cuticle oil

The main ingredient found in cuticle oils is jojoba oil. This is what keeps your nails happy and makes them stronger. The molecules found in jojoba oil are small enough to penetrate the skin and nails. These molecules will treat and condition your nails just like how your body’s natural moisturizer works. Aside from preventing hanging nails and dry skin, cuticle oil also lubricates your nails to protect them from excess water that can cause it to be ruined. It also helps prevent brittleness and contain Vitamin E to strengthen your nails.

Bust out the heavy hand crème

Heavy hand crème like Luxe Care Hand Crème is good to use for the whole year. Your hands and nails need to be moisturized at all times to keep them healthy and strong. You can use this hand cream in conjunction with your cuticle oil after you shower or before you go to sleep.

Wear gloves

It might be tough to put this into practice because people don’t usually wear gloves every day. In fact, it can be a bother when you are trying to look for something inside your purse or when you’re trying to open a door—not to mention using your phone. All these aside, gloves are the best way to protect your nails from different elements. For added moisture, you can opt to apply hand cream before putting your gloves on.

Avoid your nail’s enemies

Stay away from chemicals that can damage your nails. Examples of these chemicals are cleaning supplies, acetone or scalding hot water. If you expose your nails to hot water long enough, it can cause your nails to get weak. So if you ever want to have a steamy bath, make sure not to include your hands in it. All of this aside, we are our nail’s biggest enemy so make sure not to pick on them and not to over cut them.

Be diligent

Chances are you already developed your nail care routine that works for you. Keep doing it and make sure not to miss a day. If you put hand cream in the morning, make sure to do it at night as well. If you use cuticle oil 2-3 times a day, try to use it 4-5 times and wait for the results.

Best Shoes for an Outdoor Person

bestwalkingfeetShoes are what guards our feet everywhere we go, and they are as important as the clothes that we wear. This is why people should choose the best kind of shoes that fit them and give them a comfortable feel. Just like ceiling fans, shoes differ in quality, and you will find that there are good quality shoes that can last you several years while there are bad quality ones that can be gone in a few weeks. Some people will try to save money and go for shoes that are poor in quality only to end up spending more money on a new pair of shoes after a few weeks.

However, some who already learned their lesson will often opt for shoes that are tried and tested. There are many ways to make sure that the shoes you are buying are top quality ones. There are shoe brands that are well known in the industry whose products are trusted by millions of consumers around the world. If you like to spend time outside to run and exercise, here are some of the best shoes that you can choose from that will give you everything that you are looking for in a pair of shoes.

Saucony Triumph ISO

Saucony calls this model their pinnacle neutral trainer. The people from Runner’s World chose this shoes to be their Editor’s Choice for 2015. Just like other shoes made by Saucony, these have their signature PWRGRID+ technology which gives these shoes an extra plushy ride. Combined with stability in the arch, these shoes will surely make sure that you are comfortable wherever you go. Your foot arch is important when choosing the right shoes. Some people have high arches and may need special shoes.

Newton Gravity IV

This update from Newton includes a better fit and increased responsiveness because of the remodeled flex zone over the instep and forefoot. This is a trainer designed for speedy workouts like any other Newton shoes. This model also comes with the signature P.O.P 1 platform for proper forefront striking and more efficient form when running.

Adidas adizero Adios Boost 2.0

Top marathon runners wear this shoes for their training. It is a lightweight and minimalist shoe that features the signature BOOST technology by Adidas in the cushioning. This enables the shoes to provide more support and comfort as well as maximum energy on every step.

Pearl Izumi E:Motion n N2 v2

The improved version of this all-time best seller from Pearl Izumi has increased flexibility in the forefoot and superior cushioning in the heel as well as better traction. The brand claims that this shoe has the perfect balance between fast and light combined with a good amount of support for runners to enjoy a good ride over any distance.

Zoot Solana

This was dubbed by many magazines as the best début sneaker with the testers noting the wide platform that gives it more stability in an already lightweight and flexible shoe. This trainer is designed to withstand a person’s daily mileage making sure that you have everything that you need for a good run.